In response to the devastation of Hurricane Maria, we created BARRIO SOLAR to fund, purchase and distribute small, off-the-grid solar technologies and lighting units to remote communities throughout Puerto Rico, as quickly as possible.

The initiative of Berkeley-based physicist and author Fritjof Capra, Puerto Rico native and Oakland resident engineer Indira Cortes, and Berkeley producer and designer Elizabeth Hawk, BARRIO SOLAR has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Generosity.com to raise $25,000 for the purchase and distribution of solar units by the first week of December.

Fritjof Capra says, “We at BARRIO SOLAR are proud to be among the many to bring fossil fuel independence to the island of Puerto Rico via solar technologies, and we are excited to be part of these self-organizing solar support networks."

BARRIO SOLAR is working with a network of women's organizations led by an NGO, Paz para la Mujer, which is prepared to deliver the goods directly to homes, community centers, shelters and more. We have identified a variety of efficient devices which we will purchase through our crowdfunding campaign on Generosity.com:

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Kit 

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station + Solar Panel Kit

Gravity Light

In addition, we are planning a benefit concert for Puerto Rico at the Fox Theatre in Oakland in early 2018. Why next spring rather than now? Primarily we wanted to be sensitive to those here in the Bay Area who have lost so much in the North Bay fires. Secondarily, we want to remind people and educate them regarding the ongoing necessity of aid to rebuild Puerto Rico, even when the tragedy is no longer in the news cycle.

Our goal is to reach our first crowdfunding goal by the end of November, with shipments of solar devices and gravity lights being delivered to rural communities within the first two weeks of December. 

100% of the work on these two projects is being donated, including production, engineering, transportation and artistic crew. Given the generosity of our team, 100% of the donations to Puerto Rico both from the benefit concert and the crowdfunding campaign will go directly to purchase of products.

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