We are BARRIO SOLAR. our goal is to provide solar power kits and gravity lights to rural communities throughout Puerto Rico.

Our team has developed a simple and cost-effective way to ship a variety of solar devices to the island, where they will be distributed to shelters, community centers and homes - especially the small towns in the center and south of the island, where immediate aid and reconstructed power sources are least likely to be deployed.

The shipments to Puerto Rico will be collected and distributed by a network of 35 women’s shelters and aid organizations under the leadership of Paz para la Mujer. By partnering with these women’s networks, we will be avoiding the risk of black market profiteering and, as we are at this moment a fully volunteer network, the entire distribution effort will be done for free.

The products we will ship to Puerto Rico include:

Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Kit

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Power Station + Solar Panel Kit  

Gravity Light

 80% of Puerto Rico's electrical grid went down in Hurricane Maria. 


Find out about our organization, our fundraising efforts, and the devices we're sending to Puerto Rico.

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